My Professional Reputation

“With dedication, high ambition and endurance Steen works strategically toward high set goals”

Steen gives the group its sense of common goal. He is professional, enduring, doing everything to finishing touches task and always with the customer in focus. He leads by example, is devoted, has a great desire to achieve goals, regardless of obstacles and opposition.

Steen shows great enthusiasm, is devoted to his work and think strategically. He is likable and has an infectious enthusiasm. He is good in inspiring secretly, he gives colleagues space and time, are welcoming and attentive.

Steen thinks strategically, has a natural approach to explain complex and introverted structures and values of the client. He has a very high level of ambition and work toward high goals. He has managed to move a small flat organization to an organization with structure and position to grow.

Steen’s passion shines through in his communication. He is an inspiration when he talks about new work and ways of thinking.

Steen produces results when it matters.

This abstract is based upon the responses from 11 colleagues, customers and managers who have submitted anonymous answers Thursday 20 June 2013.

This analysis is made by Peter Vikstrøm and Per Frykman – VIKSTROEM +45 26 21 13 67

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